Heroes and Hobos

In the end the world you take is equal to the world you make.


The HEROES and HOBOS cooperative provides a range of services both for its members and to the greater community, both local and virtual.

For members, services operate on a TIME BANK model. For detailed background information on the concept and functionality of Time Banking, please read this Wiki entry on the subject.  Basically, what this means is that we understand our selves and our labor as in possession of/equalling “social capital.” Perhaps you are familiar with Habitat for Humanity’s “Sweat Equity” model? Well, this works like that, but it’s not quite as grueling. As a member, when you give time, you get time.

IE: You worked four hours in the bookstore? You can trade that in for peer counseling. Updated the website? Monitored the coworking area? You get to come to a workshop for free. And so on. More information is available on The Fine Print area of the website.

EDITING and COACHING  for writing projects at any stage of completion,
as well as for professional documents

PEER-to-PEER COUNSELING and MENTORSHIP in the following areas

+ navigating academia

+ navigating publishing

+ self-publishing

+ taxes and financial advising

+ so you want to start your own  _________

+ using social media and technology

+ web, typography, and graphic design (digital)

+ print, typography, and graphic design (analog)

+ book/page design and layout (digital/analog)

[more TBD, constantly updated per member pool skillset]

WORKSHOPS – full course listing TBA

Many of our members are experienced educators who have worked with students in classroom settings ranging from Pre-K through PhD students, adult continuing education, and worker education. via our publications and presses we consistently offer an ongoing calendar of workshops, skillshares, salons, and other professional training modules. The Heroes and Hobos course catalog, which is constantly being updated, provides a listing of courses available for offsite adoption at any time given the availability and skill set of our members during any given period. We are available for private, public, corporate, or in-school events, and are always happy to modify or create a course or workshop to suit your needs, audience, or age group. 


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Who are these heroes and hobos?

You are.

If you are a writer, a poet, an independent magazine, or a small press, you are a hero -- and a hobo in the best sense of the word. You wander through this institutional wilderness seeking beauty in the word and on the page, and you've written your own maps and set out alone or with a few friends and just a bindle... but no longer.

HaH offers you membership in a club you *do* want to join, despite the fact it would have you. In fact, it's a club you're already in! We've already seen how social movements are accelerated and empowered by the integration of new, socially oriented technology and open source/peer to peer philosophy into traditional activism and community organizing on the ground.

By pooling our actions into a streamlined intelligence, we reduce waste/redundancy, and refuse the scarcity economy. By pooling resources, we insist on and produce viability, we recycle, reduce and reuse -- our minds, our currency, our time and energy -- and share in a new kind of cooperative institution built on a sound, network empowered business model.

Local and offsite membership levels are available for individuals, publications, and independent presses.


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